We believe in giving our customers a quality and personal service. We are a firm believer in discussing the products best suited to our clients first so If you wish to make a purchase or need any adivce please email lewis@doublejacked.co.uk

Vivamus non erat et est

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Vivamus non erat et est

Double Jacked

Double Jacked is a new UK company providing some of the most potent and legal muscle building supplements on the market today. We offer free consultation and product advice so drop our experts an email with your goals and questions and we will get back to you with a custom stack that is guaranteed to get you DOUBLE JACKED AND TRIPLE STACKED!!


What are Prohormones?

A prohormone is a precursor to an active hormone such as testosterone which is converted once in the body. Prohormones used to be limited in their potency due to the conversion rate to an active hormone not being particularly high. Modern day prohormones like the ones we sell are far superior to the traditional versions allowing for a much higher rate of absorption and therefore massively boosting the muscle  and strength gains that can be achieved with them.


Depending on the product and cycle you decide to run users can easily experience 10 +lbs of lean body mass as well as a reduction in body fat.   Here at Double Jacked we aim to bring you high quality Prohormones that will help you achieve the body and look you want from a source and name that you can trust.